The Bucket List – Bring to Life

The list I want to accomplish before my expiry date. Few are bit crazy and weird. I may not be able to check out all of them but they are worth trying. I will rather try than do it never! The list shall keep on updating…

  1. Start this blog on 1st Jan 2017 and keep it going…
  2. Give birth to a healthy baby
  3. Write a book
  4. Learn to drive
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Find a four leaved clover
  7. Keep a diary for a whole year
  8. Buy own house
  9. Buy a guitar
  10. Learn to play guitar
  11. Go on a cruise
  12. Complete a scrapbook
  13. Learn sign language
  14. Go paragliding
  15. Visit New York City
  16. Visit Paris
  17. Color streak my hair
  18. Fly first class
  19. Send a message in bottle
  20. Own a Mac product
  21. Buy Baggit bag
  22. Buy Tommy Hilfiger watch
  23. Buy Lush product
  24. Buy a scented candle
  25. Earn six figure salary
  26. Own 7 wrist watches
  27. Take 365 days blogging challenge
  28. Take 365 days Instagram challenge
  29. Write 365 days writing prompts
  30. Vlog your life
  31. Read, read and read more
  32. Start a business blog
  33. Speak up as an inspirational speaker
  34. Complete reading challenge on goodreads every year
  35. Learn zumba
  36. Practice Yoga daily
  37. Try the Happiness Project
  38. Work as a Volunteer
  39. Buy a new laptop
  40. Click photos with DSLR camera
  41. Write a letter to 35 year old me when 30 (Publish it on the day)
  42. Write a letter to 40 year old me when 35 (Publish it on the day)
  43. Write a letter to 45 year old me when 40 (Publish it on the day)
  44. Write a letter to 50 year old me when 45 (Publish it on the day)
  45. Write a letter to 60 year old me when 50 (Publish it on the day)
  46. Write a letter to 70 year old me when 60 (Publish it on the day)
  47. Record a Video/ Audio for  30 year old me
  48. Complete 30 day Instagram challenge
  49. Complete 365 days tumblr challenge
  50. Compile the 365 days writing prompts in a PDF by the end of 2017